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Minnesota Arrest Records

Under state laws, Minnesota arrest records are public for 15 years from when it was issued. An arrest may be issued when a person is investigated, apprehended, or taken into custody for questioning. An arrest record may also contain charges for a traffic violation, misdemeanor, or felony.  


What Laws Govern Arrests in Minnesota?

Minnesota laws define arrest as “taking a person into custody that the person may be held to answer for a public offense.”

A peace officer can make an arrest when they have a warrant. However, the law states that peace officers may perform an arrest without a warrant and detain a suspect due to the following:

  • A person committed the offense in public.
  • Someone tried to commit a crime in the peace officer's presence.
  • The peace officer has probable cause that the perpetrator has committed a felony or any other violation that warrants an immediate arrest.

A private citizen can also make an arrest when an offense is committed in public or when a peace officer asks for a private citizen’s help to make an arrest. 


What Is the Arrest Booking Process in Minnesota?

The booking process in Minnesota comes at a fee of $25, payable to the sheriff’s department to cover the cost of the booking process. 

Upon making an arrest, the peace officer will escort the arrestee to the nearest police department. Once there, the police will search for any incriminating evidence, like drugs or weapons. The police will also perform a local check of any criminal history of the person arrested and obtain the following information:

  • Paperwork of demographic data
  • Any test required (like a drug test)
  • Fingerprints
  • Mugshots


What Are Minnesota Mugshot Records?

Mugshot records are part of Minnesota arrest records to identify the physical qualities and condition of an individual upon their arrest. Mugshot records are available from the local sheriff’s department or the criminal history system (CHS), where the public can search for someone’s criminal history using a last name, first name, and a date of birth. 


How Long Does an Arrest Record Stay in Minnesota?

Minnesota arrest records will remain on a person’s criminal history unless expunged or sealed from public view. 

How To Expunge an Arrest Record in Minnesota?

Those with Minnesota arrest records can qualify for expungement depending on the charges they were arrested for. Below is the minimum wait times to become eligible for expungement:

  • Plea cases and stays of adjudication - one year
  • Petty misdemeanors and misdemeanors - two years
  • Felonies - five years

However, note that some felonies do not qualify for expungement, including the following:

  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Domestic assault
  • Terroristic threats
  • First- to fourth-degree drug offenses

To expunge an arrest record, one must fill out a petition and pay $300 for the filing fee. After filing, expect to wait for the court’s response between four to six months. 


How To Search Minnesota Arrest Records?

The public can search Minnesota arrest records in person through the sheriff’s department, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s online search feature, or through third-party websites that offer similar information.

Counties in Minnesota

Jails and Prisons in Minnesota

Hennepin County Public Safety Facility (PSF)401 South Fourth Avenue, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN
Hennepin County MN Adult Detention Center350 South Fifth Street, Room 6, Minneapolis, MN
Ramsey County MN Boys Totem Town398 Totem Road, St. Paul, MN
Ramsey County MN Juvenile Detention Center25 West 7th Street, St. Paul, MN
Ramsey County Correctional Facility (Workhouse)297 South Century Avenue, St. Paul, MN
Dakota County MN Jail1580 Highway 55, Hastings, MN