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Saint Louis County, MN Public Records

St. Louis County, Minnesota, is known for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), a pristine and untouched wilderness area in the United States. St. Louis County public records are accessible upon request per the Minnesota Data Practices Act. Vital records are available through the St. Louis County Recorder’s Office. The office keeps and provides county birth, marriage, and death records. Only those with a tangible interest may obtain birth and death documents. Therefore eligible requesters are the subject, direct descendant, spouse, parent or direct relative, legal custodian, the personal representative of the subject, representative of a government agency, an attorney that represents the subject or an eligible person, those with a court order, and persons or entities demonstrating a need for the protection or determination of a personal or property right. The office accepts orders for birth, marriage, and death certificates in person, via mail, and by email. Record seekers must complete and submit a corresponding application form and pay the necessary fees. Alternatively, record seekers may search for a marriage record online at the Minnesota Official Marriage System. Divorce records are available from the St. Louis County District Court’s Office. Record seekers may obtain them by contacting the office or visiting during active hours. Property records for St. Louis County are accessible through the County Assessor’s Office. The office has an online Property Details Search that record seekers can use to find land information by parcel ID, address, sales search, and plat.

Courts in Saint Louis County

Court Records in Saint Louis County, Minnesota

St. Louis County court records are accessible to the public with exceptions such as child adoption, juvenile cases, and case files with sensitive or confidential information. Record seekers may access court records through the Minnesota Judicial Branch website. The site provides access to District Court Cases online through the Minnesota Court Records Online (MCRO). The platform allows individuals to access records by case, document, hearing, or judgment search. District court cases are also available from the public access terminals at the courthouse where the case was filed. These terminals provide electronic access, so record seekers should inquire about acquiring physical copies with the courthouses. Individuals may access the Court of Appeals or Supreme Court Case Records online through the Minnesota Appellate Courts Case Management System (P-MACS). Record seekers may search by case number, title, group, jurisdiction, case type, date, and case subtype.

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100 North 5th Avenue West

Jails and Prisons in Saint Louis County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Saint Louis County, Minnesota

St. Louis County inmate records are for those incarcerated at the St. Louis County Jail. The correctional facility is under the County Sheriff’s Office. The office provides an online jail roster for inmates incarcerated within the county. The log provides details of the inmate, physical identifiers, a mugshot, the arresting agency, location, and the charges. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office has an online jail roster of released inmates. The log provides details of the released inmate, a mugshot, charges, and offense level, booking and release date, and the arresting agency. St. Louis County has 12 jails and prisons, with one jail and prison per 520 square miles.

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Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Saint Louis County

Arrest Records in Saint Louis County, Minnesota

St. Louis County arrest records are available from the Sheriff’s Office. The office provides accident and incident reports to the public with exemptions for cases still in an active investigation, pending court judgment, classified confidential or private, and involving juveniles. Record seekers may email the Duluth Records Division of the office to inquire about obtaining accident and incident reports. Individuals may also search public criminal histories online through the Minnesota Public Criminal History portal. St. Louis County has 26 police departments, with one police department per 240 square miles. The county has a crime rate of 39.59 per 1,000 residents.

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