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Search Minnesota Correctional Facility - Red Wing Records Online

Jail Name:
Minnesota Correctional Facility - Red Wing
Jail Type:
Red Wing
Minnesota Correctional Facility–Red Wing (MCF-RW) is a juvenile residential facility operated by the Department of Corrections. Constructed in 1889, the physical plant of the facility consists of 30 buildings set within a perimeter fence that includes five general population living units and a secured unit. The facility’s licensed bed space capacity is 88. Each general population living unit can house 16-24 youth and the secured unit can house 30 youth. The secured unit serves as facility’s intake unit and discipline unit, as well as providing secure detention bed space for counties. Other buildings include a school, main kitchen, administration building, and a variety of maintenance and storage buildings. The mission of MCF-RW is to encourage the development of healthy living and social skills and prepare youth to re-enter the community with appropriate community resources to maintain a healthy and pro-social lifestyle. The facility complies with Children’s Residential Facility (CRF) licensing standards (Minnesota Rule 2960) and participates in Performance-based Standards (PbS) to ensure programs and services are rooted in nationally-recognized evidence-based practices for youth.
1079 Highway 292
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1079 Highway 292, 55066, Red Wing, Minnesota